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What is happening with Adobe Edge Animate

Published on: 03/06/2015 by Rob Boerman

I have received a lot of questions about when the next update of Edge Animate will be and why adobe is so quiet. and i saw that a lot of rumours started spreading.

So here as some of the Facts.


July 2014:

Some US team members of Edge Animate left to join other projects of Adobe.

October 2014:

Adobe released a really buggy version of Edge Animate. that version did not support Jquery anymore by default and because the whole program was made for jQuery, it would crash a lot. This version was not tested, rushed and released way to early. After it, Adobe took alot of time to update the major bugs. because of this, they lost loyal users that where with Edge since the beta. 

November/December 2014:

The final member of the US Edge team left. Sarah, the product manager of Edge Animate. 

January -  February 2015:

Adobe India team stopped active development of Edge Animate but promised to update “soon”.

March 2015 - now:

Silence from the Adobe India team and ignoring questions of the community.


So who is the product manager now? 

Vinod Menon, he has multiple roles, he is also engineerings manager of Edge since 4.0, he is also working on flash and he was the engineerings manager of Adobe Director. 


When will there be another update of Edge?

There is no official date, but Adobe tends to update at least ones a year in the month before Adobe Max. So that would be September 2015.


Isn’t Edge the same as flash? 

No, Edge is based on DOM html5 that works with divs. Flash is based on flash player and outputs also to Canvas html5. 

Comparing Edge with Flash is the same as comparing Photoshop with Illustrator. They are similar but different and have both there own advantages.


What is the future of Edge? 

Really hard to say. Because Adobe is being silent. 

But i hope that they find a way to evolve Edge without the US team.

Edge can have a bright future, there are so many things of it still unexplored, like Responsive animation with different screen sizes and ratios. 

About the author

Rob Boerman

Creative Developer

Rob Boerman, a Designer, Interactive and Web Developer is 23-years old and based in The Netherlands. Rob's passions are new technologies and helping communities. He is the founder of Edgehero and the creator of the Edgehero.js plugin especially developed for Adobe Edge Animate. Rob has worked for small startups as well as big international companies like Men's Health magazine. Rob is always available for freelance work.

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